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Ocean Avenue


the band:

Benjamin Furman, piano & back vocals

Rob Taylor, electric & double bass

Andrés Fonseca, drums & percussion

Federico Díaz, guitarrón, acoustic & electric guitar
Juana Luna, voice

Recording Engineers: Luis Bacque (Bacque Recording NJ), Tom Gardener (Rift Studios, Brooklyn NY), Nadav Post (recording percussion in Harlem, NY).

Edited and mixed: Pablo Cafici

Mastering: Carli Begueri (Mastering Boutique)


Musical Director: Federico Díaz

Producers: Federico Diaz, Pablo Cafici and Juana Luna

All the arrangements where made by Federico Díaz, except for “Aliento” which was arranged by Martina Liviero

All the Music and Lyrics where written by Juana Luna BMI© 2019

Cover Design and Watercolors: Maru Guerrico

credits per Song + featured artists


Marcelo Woloski: percussion in “Otra Vez” & “Y para colmo”

Rachel Therrien: trumpet in “Y para colmo”

Erena Terakubo: alto sax in “Otra Vez”, “Abre”, “Me tienes en Vilo” & “Veraneio”
Nana Sakamoto: trombone in in “Otra Vez”, “Abre”, “Me tienes en Vilo” & “Veraneio”
Madison Lusby: trumpet in in “Otra Vez”, “Abre”, “Me tienes en Vilo” & “Veraneio”

Arturo Prendez: percussion in “Just One More Summer”
Mika Mikura: vibraphone in “Just One More Summer”

Leandro Ragusa: bandoneón in “Un amor cansado”

Ludovica Burtone, violin I in “Corazón”

Delaney Stöckli, violin II in “Corazón”

Maria Kowalski, viola in “Corazón”

Valeriya Sholokhova, cello in “Corazón”

Ana Laura Domínguez, flute and alto flute in “Aliento”

Carla Fortmann, clarinet in “Aliento”
Sebastían Tozzola, bass clarinet in “Aliento”

Pablo Cafici, hammond in “Abre”

Andrés Beeuwsaert, synth solo in “Abre”

Juan Emilio Cucchiarelli, accordion in “Me tienes en Vilo”


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