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“With roots in Buenos Aires and a home base in Brooklyn, Juana Luna is a driven, passionate, and charismatic songwriter who knows a thing or two about crafting powerful lyrics and amazing melodies, as well as interpreting classic South American styles.
(…) Luna’s sound is very direct and energetic, yet intimate and emotional”
The Journal of Roots Music NO DEPRESSION Magazine

“Today when so many artists are producing homogeneous music, it is refreshing to hear something like Luna, a performer who embraces her traditional roots. She boasts an innovative and unique cultural flair, blurring the lines between genres.”


Juana Luna's sound style paints worldly soundscapes, from the Argentinean folk, to the  bolero, the candombe  and everything in between and around. 

She has recorded and performed with renown artists including Juan Falú, Leo Genovese, Sofia Rei, Aca Seca Trío and the NY Philharmonic Orchestra.  

Luna has been commissioned songs and compositions for Berklee Press, Carnegie Hall, Bilingual Birdies, and HandsOn Music amongst others. 


Juana's single “Los Verdes”, won the Award for best Latin song at the 17th edition IMAs Awards in NY. Her single  “Vou” and her first EP, were also nominated for the same awards.

In addition to being a musical freelancer, Juana is a songwriter and teaching artist for the Lullaby Project and Big Note Little Note, both at Carnegie Hall NYC.

Juana graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2013 (she holds a B.A  in Contemporary Writing and Production). That same year she moved to Brooklyn, NY where she still lives,  surrounded by a community of friends and musicians that she loves and makes music with.