Lyrics & Translations


If hope arrives to you from very far away 
if hope arrives to you from another dimension 
you only have to wait for it 
and time will bring it in your direction
Its going to know where your voice is 
love is going to find you 
time will bring it to your corner 
and your heart starts to heal
If your handkerchief flies away with the wind 
if your handkerchief flies away in another direction  
the only thing we can do
is to adorn ourselves with the stories 
the ones that your eyes tell 
they are the same color of your skin 
like the almonds and the fall 
they are like the sunset 
they heal your heart 
And if the image slowly gets erased 
and if the seasons draw marks in your skin 
don’t forget that your footprints are left behind you
and the stars are waiting for you

Music&Lyrics by Juana Luna
BMI© 2019